Triomphe de Femme © 2019 | Sponsored by The Playful Pear


Velvet is as smooth as silk. She is polished yet ferocious. Her technique will captivate your soul and leave you in wonderment.


A fierce, feminine dance piece which celebrates what Velvet T is known for – Power, Passion & Precision. A perfect piece to celebrate what women are capable of.

Queen of the Night

Comedic, Crazy, and Colourful – A jovial, dramatic lip sync extravaganza to Mambo No. 1. A super fun act for any occasion.

Mambo No.1

Velvet T combines her best abilities; dance technique, lip sync skill, and perfect characterization to bring you this theatrical Beyoncé number.

Why Don't You Love Me

A classic song with a modern twist. 

You Can Leave Your Hat On

A classic burlesque strip, beautifully feminine, seductive and poised. Velvet invites the audience to join her in her love affair.

I Just Wanna Make Love To You

Sweet, innocent and lush with the littlest hint of naughty.

I am a Good Girl